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„ Happy families ensure the future ”



European Family Science Journal

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An electronic Journal published occasionally

The issue of couple relationship, marriage and family encompass the most elementary questions of human life. Nothing which is less than the unity of a woman and a man can satisfy the deepest desires of human heart, and this unity of the couple relationship and marriage is the most important resource of society. The nature of couple relationship is vital for the marriage and the family. Any culture is determined by the quality of marriage and family. Sexual behaviour without respect and love for the other becomes more and more widespread destroying the main paths of human existence. When sexuality focuses on love, it results in happy marriages, families, and flourishing cultures, recognising the infinite value of each person.

There have been quite different responses for this issue over the past few decades in Europe. This journal opens up an interface for those people and professionals who find the topic of family important and want also their children to live in a happy family. One issue of this journal was already published in Hungarian in 2014 and 2015 each and from 2019 it can be read in a renewed form in Hungarian and also in English language to some extent.